Photo Restoration

As you can see below from the 'before & 'after' photo's the change can be fairly noticable. The picture below had major folding damage and as a consequence (in particular, middle of top row) half the face of one of the boys was no longer there. By clever techniques I managed to make his face whole again. I have also removed all the creases and sharpened and improved the contrast of the photo.

Roll over image to see the results !

The cost for this service I offer is individually tailored to the work involved/time spent editing but as an example the restoration below would be costed at around the £30 mark including a print of the final image. If you need any restoration work undertaken contact me at and we can discuss prices and options. Needless to say I can reproduce on a variety of different media - Photo paper, canvas etc, or just email the end file to you in a selection of different digital formats.